Finally—a comfortable dog car seat that keeps your furry family member safe without sacrificing freedom

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Made for Dogs, by Dog Whisperers

Comfort and Convenience

In Wuffguard, your dog will be free to enjoy the car ride as much as you do. Muddy paws? No pawblem. Wuffguard is washable and water resistant. And it only takes a minute to set up, so you can get on the road asap.


Wuffguard provides an optional removable net, the industry’s first crash safety zone, as well as a 7-point shock absorption system that takes the shock out of sudden brakes or crashes. Let Wuffguard absorb the stress, so you don't have to. 


We happily invest in car safety for our human children, so why not afford our furry family members the same consideration? An investment in Wuffguard comes at a fraction of the cost of a fine or a vet bill after a car accident.

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